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A date with my sister’s

A date not always with ur girlfriend or boyfriends. And not always if u want to get closer with someone. As you know I’ve live at buleleng Bali,and far away from my family. And when I get back to jakarta,the one thing that I’ve to do is take my sisters to go out at least go to movie.

And today is my first day in Jakarta,actualy I arrive at Jakarta was last nite. Sekitar jam 01.00 WIB,dengan menggunakan maskapai ber-ikon singa udara. Untungnya saya punya supir keluarga,jadi tidak perlu bayar untuk taxi.

Setelah melepas kangen dengan sebentar,and my little sister ask me to take her to watch despicable me movie. The movie was hilarious,and very entertaining. Off course we not only watch movie,we buy some snack,like popcorn,fried fries,sosis,calamari,hot chocolatte for a drink.

After enjoy the movie for almost 2hour,we decide to get dinner. We go to some restorant franchise,and before we go home. We got some snack or just buy a meal for my mom and dad. I really enjoy each moment with my sisters. Well I hope this bound never end.