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People change

Today,im realy upset with someone who used to called a friend. In the past he used to be my best friend. We have a gud time together. We share a story about anything,we help each other. Yeah,sometimes we fight but after the day we fight we go back to normal again.

And suddenly couple of last month,he’s different to me. I don’t know what he’s problem anyway. It begin with small fight ,and “boom” he’s like somebody to me. He’s never talk with me,he just ignore me when I’m around him. First I’m just think that maybe it was my fault,cos last fight I was yell to him. Maybe that’s the problem. I’m little bit a person who can’t control my emotion. So yes its my fault,cos u know friend its like treasure.

And later I was being nice to him,try to talk woth him,offer him something,try to help him something like that. And final today,I’m supposed to fly in the morning,and he’s flying in afternoon. But he want to go back to jakarta as soon as possible. So last nite, he talked to our instructor. And “baamm” today my schedule being replace with no confirmation to me.

Not because my schedule being replace by him. Cos last nite,he’s sit right beside me,and he didn’t talk or try to tell me that I’m flying in the afternoon. Fuck! What’s his problem anyway?? First I was mad,I wanna punch him and say “what the fuck ur problem man?” But later I find myself talk to my “mind”

Its not necesary to do that, I know there are statement “people change” so I must accept that. And I’m thinking I have “keep my head to the game” no matter what. I don’t want my emotion control my life. So now I’m here in my bed try to sleep again and wait for my afternoon flight. And for those person,who used to be my bestfriend,I’m forgive u. Not because ur my friend (which is not) because I don’t want my emotion control my life.

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